Is possible to load saved Workspace when Kiri-moto opens?

I found a great function - ability to save loaded 3D model and the settings used for the slicing to the file (extension .kmz).

When .kmz file is loaded from the local storage, it imports 3D model on the “print plate” and loads the profile, that was used for the slicing.

a) Is possible to open kiri-moto with the parameter that is pointing to the local drive and loads it automatically?

b) is possible to open kiri-moto with the URL pointing to some file on FTP or http server?

Fortunately and unfortunately, Kiri:Moto runs entirely inside the browser’s privacy sandbox. It does not have access to your local hard drive without a user-initiated action. Thus the fileimport function once clicked can bring up a file dialog, not before. There are new browser APIs that make this more powerful, and I am looking at ways to incorporate them.

Opening a model or workspace at startup from a URL is currently only possible using internal APIs. I will explore if this is broadly possible as a public URL option (no security constraints). FTP URLs are not going to work. But HTTPS could.

Thanks for explanation. I will design class using current abilities. It may change in a future as a new functionality is available.

Is there any update regarding loading the workspace from HTTPS URL?
I am going to design class for 4-th graders using kiri:moto and such possibility allows me to design class “bullet proof” :slight_smile:

it is possible. I will implement it in this release cycle