Is Kiri Moto still active? Can anyone answer my questions?

I have just started to use Kiri:Moto (v3.4) for my CNC router and have encountered TypeError: v is null. I can’t find an error code list and the forum seems to end at Jun’21 (?)

It’s quite active. But the vast majority of the active conversation happens on Discord. Since that’s not indexed by Google and hidden behind an invite, the amount of actual activity can be a little bit hidden. I’m not sure what view you looked at that made it look like the forum was inactive since last year though. 27 June 2020 was the most recent post before yours; a week.

The usual thing when you have an error is to save your workspace and either upload it here on the forum or to the Discord, with a description of what you were doing to cause the error to happen. That lets @stewart reproduce and resolve.

That error is a very generic error, so there wouldn’t be an “error code list” that would resolve it.

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Hi @RonWalker … as @mcdanlj recommends, please right-click export your workspace. This produces a .kmz file that I can use to replicate your error.

Thank you Stewart and Mcdanj,

I have yet to explore Discord, but understand concerns about Google.
I have just finished building a V1 Eng LowRider 2 CNC M/c - my first foray into CNC machining.
The problem I have encountered only when I added the “Trace” operation. I have created the .kmz file, don’t know how to upload/share it.
Needless to say, I am delighted to hear the forum is still active, many thanks for your quick response.

Regards, Ron.

re workspace: email to [ sa at grid dot space ] or use any random file drop / transfer service

The problem was rooted in empty tool numbers. These should be unique IDs for each tool. Somehow the code was not validating this. New code pushed to production that auto-assigns new unique tool IDs when missing. Thanks for the bug report.

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Thanks mcdanlj for help