Is it possible to add an extra layer pass to CNC cut?

I’m using a roughing operation to cut some holes and voids, and an outline operation to cut my perimeter. When I slice the model, 3 passes are generated to cut the part, which makes sense considering the part thickness. In order to mitigate some issues with my CNC though (workpiece leveling/bowing namely), I’d like to add an extra pass for a 4th cut. I think I was able to do this before with the outline tool and by adding stock in the Z dimension, but I can’t seem to get that to work anymore. Any suggestions?

bottom-frame.kmz (1.1 MB)

yes, add a z thru parameter for the extra depth to cut thru at the end. here is the same workspace with that parameter added (under limits) and also enabling depth-first so that it clears the pockets in order instead of layer by layer. this should result in a faster cut.

bottom-frame-zthru-depth-first.kmz (1.1 MB)

That seems to have worked with the outline cut, but not with the roughing cut. It is also possible with roughing?

roughing_extraDepth.kmz (4.1 KB)

this was an oversight. I’ve added z thru support to the roughing operation and will push that update tonight.