Ios 16 compatibility

Hi, what’s the status on iOS 16 compatibility of kiri:moto? I can’t import, tap things like Help… It just doesn’t do anything. Both iPhone and iPad on IOS 16.1, the browser doesn’t matter. It worked on 15. Thanks.

Hi @stooovie … I haven’t upgraded any of my iOS devices, so I wasn’t aware of any changes there. iOS does not allow local device file access from the browser sandbox. I posted a Youtube video with a workaround. Can you tell me if that works? Also, do you mind testing the 3.7 development branch?

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Oh wow, drag-n-drop works! You can also have the Files app as a Slide over, no splitting and maximizing back the Kiri windows necessary. Thanks!

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Is slide over an iOS 16 thing? I don’t track it all that closely.

Yes, Stage Manager is purely optional. The old multitasking stuff is all there.

I’ve also noticed that Mesh:Tool can import files (tried .stl and 3mf, both open just fine) in iOS 16 without any issues, whereas Kiri cannnot.

that’s certainly odd. 3.6 or 3.7 or both? debugging iOS is a huge PITA. thanks, Apple.

I mean the Import button. Drag&drop works fine in Kiri, import button does not. But in Mesh:tools, the Import button works as expected, it opens the Files dialog. So the browser sandbox indeed does seem to allow open arbitrary local files in iOS 16.

Interesting. I had not noticed that. Will try to figure out why. Thanks

this continues to be completely baffling. the file import is constructed very similarly in both cases. but iOS is eating the change event inside Kiri. tried a dozen things to no avail.

I am not a developer but I can and will gladly help you debug the thing. Please ask if you want me to try something. BTW Mainsail and Fluidd (Klipper GUIs) cannot import files as well in 16 (I just started using them with 16 betas, I don’t know if it worked in 15).

BTW the same drag-n-drop method also works in Mainsail and Fluidd, I had no idea!

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ok, brutal but solved. will go out in the next 3.7D release

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