Invalid Widget Shadow error

I am trying to create/preview/export a toolpath and get this error: Invalid Widget Shadow
No idea what Im doing wrong, or what it means

please right-click export your workspace and email the .kmz file to me [ sa at grid dot space ]

sounds like a potential bug

Sent. Thank you for your help

There is a small / zero sized widget in your workspace that need to be deleted. I emailed you a link to a video that shows fixing your workspace.

Awesome, worked like a charm, Thanks.
Its a roughing pass, with a 1/8 ball nose pass to follow.

Speaking of 2 objects… I would love to see a feature that allows me to import an additional .svg or vector format so I could profile cut accurately, like an outline around the face & letters in the kmz I sent.
(Maybe a dual object mode, where the object to apply a path function to must be selected first, so another may be selected for another path function…?)

2D overlay and 2D to 3D conformal paths are on the todo list

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