Indexed CAM tries to cut on opposite side of stock

Just starting out.
I was following along with GridSpace tutorial 4 Axis Indexed Milling with Kiri:Moto and Carvera
All was good until I loaded it into Carvera Controller. Image shows the results.

Looked like it was trying to cut on the other side of the stock.
Spun it up to see what would happen and broke a bit. (My first crash!) Yes, it tried to drive right through the stock. I should have loaded some foam.
My question is:
Can anyone tell me what setting I have wrong that caused this?

Export of my settings:
workspace 4 Axis.kmz (334.1 KB)

Copy of Gcode:
4Axis Cube (452.7 KB)

Thanks for any help!

Just wondering, is my question unclear or is this problem so rare that no one as experienced it before?

just got around to looking at this. your image appears to show a sign inversion on Y axis in the output. i’m not near my cavera to replicate. sunday i’ll look when i have the tools to verify. sorry for the delay.

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I found out What I had wrong. I had Origin, Top checked.

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