Importing 3mf Files?

I was trying to pull a 3mf file into the grid and it doesn’t seem to load. The bed goes green same as when I drag in an STL, but then proceeds to do… nothing. I dragged in the STL of the same model, no problem. I tried it by clicking import as well to no success.


3MF files are only supported in the 3.x development versions. Use the top right person/gear menu to select the latest version

Hey that’s pretty rad! I’m sure they’re accepting feedback on it, do you know where that goes? The letters on surface are in a jumbled pile next to the object when I import the 3mf.

I’m getting a class full of high school students going with slicing Friday and I guess we’ll stick with STLs for now.

Please send me any 3MF files that do not import properly along with an STL of what it should look like. Email to – thanks!

Ok, so I went back to fusion and re-exported it as a 3mf and STL to make sure that I had the right pair. And now it’s working in Kiri. So. Maybe I just grabbed an old work-in-progress version by accident. Seems things are working.

Thanks for the quick response in any case. :sweat_smile:

great. the previous export may have been before the letters were booleaned with the other object. so they would be separate.