Import Vectors?

Any chance Vector will be added someday? Generating g code from SVG or DXF files?

This exists today. If you import an SVG, it is auto-extruded into a 3D part. From there you can use all of the normal ops: FDM, CAM, Laser, etc

wow had no idea. Very cool.

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I am trying to use my “open” paths in SVG format. Is there a way not to auto extrude?

How about changing direction or end of line start points as well?

hi @madtooler and welcome. is this an issue of boolean paths (with inner voids) not importing properly? can you share a simple example and what you would expect vs what you get?

Self intersecting open path. It imports, auto closes and extrudes into 3d. Then the full 3d perimeter is included in the toolpath, not just the initial curve.

Thanks for the welcome. The kiri tool is pretty cool!

Ideally, I would like to bring in my SVG vectors and generate some basic gcode for 2 axis CNC similar to laser cutting.

the SVG is meant to be the toolpath, then?

SVGs are imported using the 3JS loader. it’s not something I have control over. I would have to write my own importer to get a different behavior.

the SVG is meant to be the toolpath, then?

Essentially, Yes.

I guess for now I will keep kiri:moto on the shelf. It still may be a good choice for some other projects down the line.

Thanks again.