Import g-code, for animation?

On my current part, I need to have KM do outlining, to properly define the outer dimensions of the part, but I need to have it only do that outlining for the upper half of the part – going to the bottom would mean carving my clamps.

The easiest way to accomplish this today is to edit the G-code file to remove the final few rectangular passes around the part. (The comments in the G-code make this trivial.)

But that got me wondering – if I were doing anything more complicated, I’d probably like some verification. Would it be at all feasible to have a “emulate imported G-code” mode?


Can you use the “z bottom” setting to accomplish this instead of editing the gcode?

KM will allow you to drop gcode onto the work area and it will be rendered, but not animated (yet anyway).

Hah! Well look at that. Indeed, z-bottom does exactly what I want. I must have missed that in the user’s manual! :wink: Thanks. I should have known there was a way.


I live in a windowing environment without drag and drop. How would I pull a G-code file into KM?

files => import allows you to select .gcode and .nc files, too

Thanks. I renamed my .ngc file to .nc, but I’m not getting any rendering.

Don’t worry about it – it was passing curiousity, and I have no compelling need to just render g-code. linuxcnc already does that just fine.