Import dxf vector file


First of all I would like to thank you for this fantastic piece of software.
It’s the only soft I know which is able to output CNC Gcode from a .stl file. GREAT job done.

I just discovered this tool a few hours ago, and already love it !

I wanted to import a .dxf file to see how the gcode would be for my CNC or my laser. But I couldn’t find a way to import it.
Do I miss something or is it currently impossible to import dxf (which is a standard vector format) ?


DXF is really a set of many different versions of a proprietary format defined by AutoCAD, rather than being a standard. While there is plenty of software that supports various versions of DXF, there are often incompatibilities between them. SVG, by contrast, is a W3C formal standard.

You can convert DXF to SVG in inkscape.

Ah ok, I wasn’t aware that it was a proprietary format !
I will try your trick to use inkscape for conversion to SVG. Hopefully SVG will keep the geometry and vectors!

So I tried to convert dxf to SVG with inkscape : it works provided that dxf is R13 format !
But when importing into KM i get strange result. Seems that KM doesn’t like splines.
So I converted into polylines. But same result.
here is my dragoon :

And how it looks like into KiriMoto:

Seems that each spline is treated individually as a shape ?

May be a grouping issue in the SVG. Tools like Inkscape focus on appearance, not CAD ready solids. Perhaps if you try to fill the object with a color, it will force it to properly group the object

I have tried to simplify the drawing to a simple “moon shape” concave polygon.
Here is the shape seen in inkscape and when converted to svg and opened with a browser
And now when imported into KiriMoto

dxf and svg files are hosted here during 30 days if you want to try : Free Transfert - Service d'envoi de fichiers

I believe (from what I see) that the problem is possibly when importing concave polygons into Kiri Moto. The svg can be properly open into any browser.

if I fill the same shape into inkscape and export it in .svg, things change a little but not yet perfect

I have also tried with a cloud based converter : DXF to SVG | CloudConvert

Exactly the same problem (with not filled moon)

As expected, this is expressed as two arcs grouped. KM sees it as two arcs and extrudes as such. I had better luck using SVG free online editor for your drawings - drawsvg to create a continuous spline with negative space.

Thanks for your help.

Yes it was indeed created using two arcs. It’s the basic way to sketch shapes under CAD softwares.

But I am lost now: with SVG free online editor I don’t know how to convert dxf files.

So finally to import my dxf the best way is to extrude them into my CAD software then save them in stl and open into KiriMoto !


This way it works. I believe that we loose a little precision from vector to triangles ? But who cares (at least for this dragoon) ?