How to use outline to clean the stock left behind by rough?

Hi, I am running Kiri:Moto 2.6 version in Chromium.
I should mill a really simple object and i wish to use only the rough and the outline operations.
Here the configuration I have for both.

Should not be present also a “line” of “outline” against the pocket wall?
Or maybe am I doing something wrong?

Thanks :smiley:

The line will be offset by 1/2 of the tool diameter. Added to that in your roughing operation is a 1mm “leave stock”, which I presume is intentional for outline to clean up

Yes, the 1mm of “leave stock” is intentional. Exactly for this purpose should not be present a “purple” (outline op) line between the biggest black (rough op) circle and the stock to clean out this mm? I think i am missing something.

I don’t know the geometry of your part. Perhaps the step down on the outline is too much. Set it to 1 and see what happens.

Hi Stewart!
I tried to set the step down to 1mm and I just work!
I thought it was possible to use the same step down value for both operations…


Step down on outlining does not do the flat face matching that roughing does. So for large steps, it can miss a face edge.

Understood. I didn’t know.

Thanks :wink: