How to remove a part from onshape's kiri tab?

I’m trying a new version of my piece, implemented as a separate onshape part.

I can get the new part into the kiri workspace – in fact, I can get multiple copies of it – but I can’t figure out how to remove the extra copies, or the single copy of the original part that I’m no longer working with.

A hint, please?

Okay, I see that View --> Clear will do it, as long as there are no slice or preview results showing.

Is that the only way?

the [delete] key should work on any selected part. the caveats about key focus in Onshape sometimes not working (unless you click an html element like a side menu) apply.

Thanks. Too bad that isn’t (and perhaps can’t be?) in a right-click menu. I would have found it there. Is there anything Delete will delete besides parts? Could Help enumerate those things?

BTW: another inch/mm fixup – Just noticed Alt-arrow in the Help pane. It moves things 5mm, regardless of units preference. Not too important, since one would only use it for rough positioning anyway.

it’s documented, perhaps somewhat cryptically, under help/controls. a right-click menu is a good idea. I’ll look into it.