How to refresh or update model with changes

I’m using Kiri in OnShape. After setting up a part to cut, I realize a dimension is off so I make the change in OnShape, but the change doesn’t show in Kiri:moto and I can’t find the right way to update. I’d like to avoid redoing the machining setup when a single feature changes dimensions. Is it not possible to update the model, or did I just miss the command somewhere?

there is a replace vertices button in the tools menu, but I just noticed it’s not working inside Onshape. so let me go fix that!

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 6.33.46 PM

with the exception of tabs and trace operations, the rest should be independent of part geometry meaning you can just delete and re-import it into the same workspace. ops will be preserved.

Tabs and trace were really the only things I was trying to preserve (and part orientation), but these aren’t a huge effort to replace for most parts. Was not aware of the “Replace Vertices” command, though can now confirm that in OnShape it opens a local storage file lookup instead of the OnShape directory tree. Thanks.