How to make a shared profile with the specific name

In the documentation is a as example shared profile URL is one with the name: /kiri/#settings/ver

But when the “u” key is pressed it generates just some random string.

How to create a profile with the specific name?

I am working on the 3D printing class and I would like to use the Kiri-moto as a slicer (with the JellyBOX 3).

Named space will give a better options for the class organization.

Part of the functionality should be overwrite the existing profile by the new one with the same name.

To prevent overwriting profile of someone else should be allowed to define “mandatory” part of the URL, that can not be taken by anyone else after definition.

e.g. If I define mandatory part: JB3

then default URL will be:

Once defined, nobody else can use JB3 for the “mandatory” part. Then part after mandatory can be anything. If the same as already used - it will overwrite it - but it is OK. It may be intention.

hi @Ladigoc and welcome! Thanks for the feedback. A few thoughts.

I think it’s a fraught idea to allow arbitrary user-generated strings in the URL. If you want better control over the URL, consider using a shortener like

Notice that if you use U to generate settings URLs back to back, only the version # increments. If you want to open only the latest version, omit the #. This effectively allows over-writing the previous value but still retains version control if that’s important.

If someone else opens your URL path and then uses U, a new random root path is generated. This is because the browser that generates the settings path then owns the root. True, you cannot manage several roots on the same browser. I never thought of this. But now I will give it more thought.

Hope that helps.

Hi @stewart ,

yes, the “shortener” is one that I will use now. I will also play with the # omitting. Thanks a lot for the tip.


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