How to disable auto arrange existing parts when adding a new part?


When using Kiri:Moto in CAM mode for my CNC machine I like to layout a full sheet of material. To make full use of my sheet I like to add extra parts as I go to fill any free space. This is done by importing a new file or duplicating and existing part.

The issue I have when doing this is that every time I add another part, all existing parts I have laid out on the bed get their position shuffled. So this means that if I have manually laid out 50 parts onto a sheet to have least amount of waste possible then add an extra part I then have to go back and manually re-lay out all the parts again.

Sometimes this is extra fustrating when I lay out multiple almost identical parts and loose track of which part is which.

I tried searching the documentation but did not find a workaround.

My current workaround is to lay out the parts in Onshape first then export the parts from Onshape as a group, but I can not do this in all cases.

Suggested possible solutions:

  1. An options to disable auto aranging of parts when a new part is added (import or duplicated).
  2. A way to group selected parts (so I can select all parts and group/ungroup them so there position relative to each other is locked before adding a new part).
  3. A way to lock part position on the bed (so they don’t move when adding a new part)


@BadgerBadger if you disable auto layout under preferences, then nothing will move when new parts are added or removed. This should handle your most pressing concern.

KM has an internal grouping function that is not currently exposed because it has some limitations. You can use ctrl + g to group and ctrl + u to ungroup. But. It does not show you groupings. And some effects of grouping require a page reload to take effect. I hope to remedy these shortcoming in an upcoming point release.

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