How to add a New SLA Printer?

I’ve got an Anicubic Mono X and would like to add that printer but for some reason I’m not able to.
I cannot customize a SLA printer. Other machines like cnc and laser do let me customize.

How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Currently not possible. All SLA printer use their own proprietary file encodings. Blame Chitubox.

Hi Stewart. I’m a longtime FDM user and just got into SLA (Elegoo Saturn) and not a fan of Chitubox or Lychee.
I’d like to try Kiri:moto, but can’t setup a profile for a work envelope the size of my Saturn. With open source tools like UVtools, I think the formats can be interchanged. I’m just hoping to get to a better UX for slicing.

unfortunately, because KM is native JS and runs all in browser, I cannot use the UV tools libraries. I have to re-write any driver in JS to work with KM.