How do I get smooth finish in the y direction?

I want to make sure the finished product is smooth in the Y direction, so I made that my 2nd pass, but there are still X ridges. What settings will make sure the sloped furrows are smooth along their length?

I have a workspace file but cannot upload since I am a new member.

There are only so many things you can do with a curved surface and a flat tool.

  1. reduce step over
  2. use an outline operation with a small step down
  3. use a pocket operation to select the wavy area and try enabling the contour option of that operation. this is a long shot and will require a lot of parameter tweaking.

I do have a variety of sizes of ball end mills. Does that change any assumptions?

ball mills will help on passes parallel to the grooves. but you will still need to decrease the step over for a better finish.

These settings result in the divots in the middle:

What settings can I change to stop it from happening?

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that looks like a bug. are you able to right-click export your workspace as a .kmz and email to me [ sa at grid dot space ] – from there I can replicate and investigate. thanks

I checked your settings, and precision was 0 which means it’s calculated using the animate precision from settings. And that was almost using the lowest resolution possible. This led to stepping artifacts. I set precision to 0.035 and got very good results. Alternatively, if you crank up the animation to something like 2000 or 4000 and watch the javascript console, you can see the auto calculated precision.

Screen Shot 2024-01-26 at 4.36.31 PM

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Thanks. That does look better.

Is there a way to get a BEM to just make passes on the wavey edges instead of milling the interior to get the fillet on those front edges?

I set up 2 passes of Contour but that is a lot of extra machining.

I can’t think of anything