How do I get an odd tool path?

Hi All,

I’m trying to get a tool path for my CNC milling machine to work with my fixture. I have gCode for deferent sizes. Now I need to make new sizes. I want to use a visual tool like OnShape and Kiri:Moto. I really like how I can make a blueprint to gcode.

I need a tool path that looks like this.

Not the hole shape cut out

Anyone have any ideas to the get this workflow to work for this project?

Thanks in advance for your help :wink:

P.S. Here is gCode for Refaince

O00050 (0.750 WIDE)
(TOOL 5= .750 DIA. EM)
G17 G40 G80 G90
G00 G91 G28 Z0
T5 M06
S1000 M03
G00 G90 G57 X-1.4 Y2.25
G43 Z1.5 H05 M08
G00 Z0.1
G01 Z-0.03 F120.
G01 G41 D05 X-1.625 F4.
G01 Y1.125
G03 X-1.125 Y0.625 R0.5
G01 X1.125
G03 X1.625 Y1.125 R0.5
G01 Y2.25
G01 G40 X1.4
G00 Z2.

G00 X1.4 Y-1.5
G01 Z-0.03 F120.
G01 G41 D05 X1.625 F4.
G01 Y-1.125
G03 X1.125 Y-0.625 R0.5
G01 X-1.125
G03 X-1.625 Y-1.125 R0.5
G01 Y-1.5
G01 G40 X-1.4
G00 Z2. M09
G28 G91 Z0 M05
G28 Y0

Here is what my fixture looks like the bit and part to have the middle 2 sides cut out.

Here is what I made in OnShape.

Here is what it looks like in Kiri:Moto

The gCode path looks like this

Usually I model the clamp or fixture together with the part. That helps with setting zero and other stuff. Perhaps that could help you too?

To get an idea take a look at this: Modular Vacuum Table Custom-Fits The Parts | Hackaday

Thanks for you input :slight_smile:

How would that help with cutting it to the side of the part in the fixture?

I think I would model two pockets (red) and use the corresponding operation in Kiri. The trace op should also work. :slight_smile:

That most certainly is an interesting workaround :slight_smile: