Hemera Mount for GridBot v2

Hello again. In my ongoing efforts to break things until they are fixed I am replacing my extruder again. This time, with a 24V Direct Drive Hemera from E3D. This mount works pretty well and it is rock solid. It has a built in BLtouch mount. I did lose 4mm in Y, but that is because of the big fan and screws. I hope to remedy that with another fan later on.

It prints very smoothly. The Hemera on my other printer has been very very reliable. It printed all the gridbot parts for me. I hope I get as much mileage out of this one.

I am still really liking this printer and especially it’s ability to be flexible. It is very easy to work on. I am not great at CAD, but I can reliably make parts that pretty much fit :slight_smile: