Help with CNC inside fillet

In this particular case I’m wanting to do a quick pass using a smaller bit to clean up after using a 1/4 bit. A 1/4 bit left nub on the inside fillets. While doing a drill pass using a 1/8 bit I’d like to clean up the fillet without roughing the entire pocket. How is this accomplished?

As a side question, is there a keystroke quick guide? Cheat Sheet? I just noticed “Z” zooms.

workspace.kmz (228.7 KB)
Untitled 1

Keyboard shortcuts: Controls - Grid.Space

There is not Z Top the way there is a Z Bottom … perhaps this is a useful thing to add. It’s in the plan to allow selecting regions for work rather than use a bunch of parameters. As a side note, your Z Clearance seems high.

I recommend trying a “curves only” Contour pass for those fillets

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