Help getting midline tabs

Why isn’t the midline tabs working for this workspace?

Also I cannot seem to get the 1/8 recessed holes to be routed. I’ve routed the interior out fine. Now I just cannot seem to get it to do these four holes.

Another issue is reloading the part from Onshape. Seems to have different orientations on the bed. Not good, each time I load the part the wall slot seems to align differently. First time the slot looks to be 45 degrees off the X0 to Y0, front left. The next time 180 degrees off, the next time 90 degrees? Not good when reloading for minor changes and intending to continue the same part.

workspace (1).kmz (473.1 KB)

you can’t see the midline tab under the platform level from above because it’s obscured. in this picture, the tab on the right had midline enabled. if you want the tabs higher in the part, use the limits -> z bottom setting to raise them.

in this picture, I set the z bottom to 0.125in and added the tab on the left

I’m not sure what you’re experiencing with Onshape. The part is imported in the orientation it has in the Onshape part studio. There is no setting to change that. So you’re either importing a different part/version, or changing it in the part studio in a way that affects the axis orientation.

if the hole is the exact size of the tool, use the drill operation. though I have noticed it’s not working properly if not coupled with a roughing or outline operation. will fix that shortly.

Thanks Stewart. I set the z bottom appropriately. Would you let me know when the drill operation works as desired.

The Lay Flat in the workspace requires selecting the surface one wants to be flat on the bed. Given the entire work piece is selected it is unclear what lay flat will do. I accidentally discovered this. Perhaps a small pop up on the lay flat explaining to point to the surface to lay flat would help users. Or highlight the surface to help users get the drift of the command.

it’s supposed to highlight the surface. it looks like there is a problem. investigating. thanks

found and fixed the bug preventing this from working. will push an update later today.

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