Height retraction Issue?

I am having problems with Z height retraction during the contouring process I think. Portions of high areas are being cut off as the machine passes over.
I thought I would run it by you before tearing apart my machine to try to solve the issue.
Included is a pic showing the problem, and a workspace file for your perusal.
Thank you

https://file.io/46UXgdY0XFkr (kmz)

It seems to be a repeatable problem… I used the same stl, rotated 180 degrees and processed & carved it, and the problem showed up again. I tried another NC file that I made a couple of months ago from KiriMoto, and there isnt a problem with it, which seems to indicate that there is not an issue with the machine.
Thanks for your help & advice.

it’s odd. the animation doesn’t show collisions and the path previews don’t show it, either :confused:

Ive checked for binding & z height constraints, everything seems fine. I wonder if the roughing pass did it, but didnt see anything out of the ordinary when I switched to the contour pass… however, it was difficult to tell for sure.

In preview mode, you can turn off the milling lines and pan around just showing the move lines – that should reveal any unexpected move paths that intersect with the model. I did that and didn’t see any.

Ill try another carve tomorrow.

If you mean the missing pieces on the nose, that looks like a piece of wood chipped out. Look carefully at the rotated version of the piece, the missing section is on a different side of the nose than the other one. This looks like neither a machine problem or a KiriMoto problem, rather a weak grain line in that particular piece of stock (pine?) the pieces that are missing are in one line, but differnet sides of the nose. :slight_smile:

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Yes youre right
After another carve, I can see that this was just a flaw in the stock I was using. A bit embarassing…

Thank you for your perspective. I really appreciate your speedy response too.