HDMI, USB cables

This is a neat project, a mammoth printer. One thing he’s doing, he is trying to use off the shelf cables for running the lengths. His steppers are running on usb cables. He tried to use USBC for the hotend, but that ended up being problematic because many cables don’t have all the pins. It’s not worth it if you need special cables. So he found an HDMI breakout board and he’s using that to run all the hotend cables, and a few spare for lights.

I would love to stop running 15 cables to my hot ends, and just have a detachable hdmi cable. Time will tell if it is a good idea or not.

That’s truly cool. Thanks for the link. Interestingly, just today I was discussing making a very large format multi-headed beast with FDM, CNC, and extruder heads for clay/concrete.

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