Gridbot vs [...]


So, I’m considering building a gridbot, but before I order stuff, I’d like to have your advice on this printer vs a few others :

For this last one, I like that fact the don’t use linear rails (more expensive), but maybe it’s a moot point.

What would be the positive and negative aspects of gridbot vs those and the rest?

I hope this is not an impossible to answer question :slight_smile:

I think this is kind of impossible to answer. The builds are quite different and perhaps have different goals. I think many printers are over-designed and under-engineered. Many have mass where it isn’t needed. You can make a very capable printer more simply.

Having said that, I have updated most of my printers from the original GridBot 2 design to one I call 2.5 – it’s not as well documented, but the CAD model is posted in the forums.

The more I look around the more I understand your sentence “I think many printers are over-designed and under-engineered.” :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if for the V2.5 there is a BOM? Reducing the number of screws type needed would really ease the sourcing process btw :slight_smile:

Forget about my question, just discovered the bom can be exported from onshape :

  • open the assembly in onshape
  • click on “bom table”, small button on the far right of the screen
  • profit!
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