GridBot 2 Tuning

Things are printing well already, but I’m still fine tuning. What retraction and linear advance settings are you running on a Gridbot Bowde setup? I know I eventually need to tune that to my particular setup, but a rough range of promising values would be helpful.

I’m now running Klipper on all my printers. Linear Advance is Marlin. I don’t recall what settings I last used. With Klipper’s PA (Pressure Advance), it depends on the type and length of tube. I get lower values (as low as 0.2) with Capricorn tubing and as high as 0.6 with standard PTFE.

I see. Any specific reason for choosing Klipper over Marlin? I’ve only used Marlin so far on all my printers

I started experimenting with it about 6 months ago. The two things I really like are: 1) complete config control without having to re-compile and re-flash the controller and 2) substantially better nozzle pressure control. As a bonus, it is able to do the equivalent of linear advance with stock Creality controllers, which Marlin cannot because of long-standing bugs that will probably never be fixed. Klipper development is moving swiftly. Marlin development seems bogged down in technical debt and complexity.

Configuration changes without recompiling - well, I think that’s reason enough to give it a try :slight_smile:

I am using klipper too. On my skr 1.3. I like configuring it over ssh. Mostly it is equal, but different. It took me a while because I am familiar with Marlin. I haven’t noticed any printing improvements, but I am using a direct drive hemera.