Grid:local doesn’t appear on export

Hi, all,

New to Kiri:Moto, and trying to use it in tandem with my Printrbot via an OctoPi with OctoPrint

We already have the GridSpace plugin setup in OctoPrint, but I’m currently using the Grid.Space website.

We’ve got the application settings as so, with Grid:Local activated.

However, once I export, there is no Grid:Local section available, only Export, Filament, and Gcode.

This occurs on both Mac and iPhone.

Yesterday, however, I was able export (with a different printer and filament profile) and I did see the Grid:Local setting, and I was even able to connect to and select our OctoPrint instance and send the gcode to it.

Any advice? Is there some setting I’m missing?

If I select the Grid:Host and OctoPrint boxes in the settings, I can actually see those sections in the export screen, so I’m even more baffled.

Here’s what the export screen looks like.

Grid:Host and Octoprint checkboxes in preferences are for older direct-to-printer methods that don’t work when KM is served over HTTPS. Thanks for flagging that. I need to disable those UI elements in such cases.

Grid:Local uses an agent in OctoPrint to mediate an exchange of info thru a secure cloud endpoint. It’s the only viable workaround for current web security standards that essentially prevent browser direct to local network communications when the local network is in a private IP space. Sad, but true.

When you were able to see the OctoPrint endpoint inside KM yesterday, was it to the same OP server? Are all of your machines on the same IP subnet and NAT’d thru the same firewall to the internet? If not, that could be confusing it.