G-code issue with facing pass

Okay, that’s enough UI complaints for the day. Here’s a “real” complaint (I think!).

My part is .16" tall, and my stock is set to .3". My roughing “step down” is set to .07". So the first roughing pass should happen at .23".

My exported g-code begins (after the header) with:

; starting level pass
G0 Z0.2100 F8.0000
G0 X-0.0451 Y-0.0229 F20
G1 Z0.2300 F8.0000
G1 Y0.0229 F15
G1 X-0.0407 Y0.0683

You can see that it starts by sending Z to .21, then moving X and Y, then going to where it should be at Z == .23. I haven’t tracked down the X/Y move, but clearly something’s amiss. This shot of the start of the animation shows it too (in fact, that’s where I spotted the issue first, proving that the animation is a really valuable feature!).

Another thing I noticed: the next (and last) roughing pass happens at Z == .16". That’s exactly the top of my part. I think I might have expected my “leave stock” setting (of .03") to change this to .19", for the same reasons one leaves stock on the sides: bit shape, feed rate, etc.


leave stock only applies to x,y, offsets, not z flat areas. also, do you have clear flats set to true? if so, it will do some interpolation. you may not see flats, but perhaps the slicer thinks it sees one. can you send me a .km export when this is showing?

I’ve emailed my profile and workspace.

But I’ve noticed something else. In addition to the starting height anomaly, the Z plunges are being done at my configured Z feed limit speed, and not at the roughing plunge speed:

; starting level pass
G0 Z0.2100 F8.0000         <--  z feed limit  (this move shouldn't exist at all)
G0 X-0.0451 Y-0.0229 F20   <--  x/y feed limit
G1 Z0.2300 F8.0000         <--  z feed limit (should be plunge rate)
G1 Y0.0229 F15             <--  roughing feed rate
G1 X-0.0407 Y0.0683
G1 X-0.0319 Y0.1132
G1 X-0.2388 Y-0.0975
G1 X-0.2451 Y-0.0326
G0 Z0.1600 F8.0000         <--  z feed limit (should be plunge rate)
G1 Y0.0326 F15             <--  roughing feed rate
G1 X-0.2388 Y0.0975
G1 X-0.2262 Y0.1614

facing plunge rate and height anomaly fixed for today’s D9 release. thanks for the report.

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Was D9 released? I’m not seeing it.

not yet. tonight. I’m trying to get a version of tracing working so we can start testing it.

pushed just now. has a new feature tracing that I need to make a youtube video for. it’s a bit more complex than other features. it’s the most raw code I’ve put into a development release so far.