Firefox update broke my webgl

I tried to fire up kiri:moto today and it was just hanging. I figured you broke something and I would come back later before reporting your bug :).

Then I went to onshape. Turns out, webgl wasn’t enabled all of a sudden. I had updated firefox today, so I go force enable it and onshape and kiri:moto work again.

It was clearly a problem on my end (I use Linux and sometimes you have to fix problems like webgl not working. It is a consequence of being in a rare configuration). I do think it would have helped if kiri:moto gave me a similar message to onshape though, saying I didn’t have webgl enabled.

Or maybe this will be helpful to someone googling in the future, or maybe just a funny story. :+1:


+1. Would definitely be a cool feature, if Kiri detected whether WebGL is enabled or not! I know this can easily be done with “Modernizr@stewart - one pure JavaScript library to detect whether all dependencies like WebGL, file uploads, drag n’ drop etc. are there. On the download page, you can even specifically select which browser features you’d like to be able to detect. We use Modernizer a lot, and it works flawlessly.

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thanks for documenting this. it’s been years since i played with firefox on linux. but i do recall having the same problem.