Finally up and running

Hello all,
I finally finished my build, well almost :joy: , Did some modifications and some of the prototype parts still in place, I just need to reprint the final parts with better infill and more shell count, some parts will printed with CF PLA and some resin.
Here are some pictures of the build.

Then I made some minor modifications, more like added some parts just for rigidity.

Cutting the wood for the electronics.

Painted black…
and the cable mess :smiley:

Here is a short Videoof the first test print.

Then I modified the Hotend Fork and the fan duct, sorry I didn’t take pictures of the parts before I installed, I will edit this post once I print the final parts ( those are the prototype parts) but here is a screen shot of the cad to give you an idea.

and the parts installed.

And I had a really hard time leveling the bed with only points, so I decided to change to a fix mounted bed with 4 corners screws for leveling and that fix the problem.

Thank you again @Stewart for the great design. This Printer is great!


looks great. thanks for posting pics. the 2.5 model I’m working on also uses corner bed screws.

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I’m pretty sure your design is more functional and clean then this one.

Like I said on Discord, I really like the X axis of the 2.5 and can’t wait to change mine. I’m also interested on your experience with Klipper.

Having a very good experience with Klipper. So far it’s on two GridBots, one CR-30, and a mini CNC mill.

Here is a public copy of the GridBot 2.5 work if you want to play around

GridBot 2.5 Pre-Release (


wow great improvements on both x and y axis, optical sensors…love it and of course your solution for the corner bed screws are 100% cleaner lol

Thank you for sharing it.

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Nice work Gpagnozzi. Looks like a solid printer.

I like that the XY motors are flipped too. I have bulky corner brackets, so my motors are very low, with the pulley very far out from the motor. 2.5 looks pretty good.

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Thanks @jeffeb3, You inspired me to build this printer, I followed your building thread from the day you started. I didn’t do much of a good job documenting my build as you did, just some pictures here and there.
The printer works great as is, now I install klipper but I’m having couple of problems:
BL-Touch, no matter what I do in the config file it only show as triggered.
and the other problem that I sure is also something very simple to fix is the Z-axis it is always energised and if I try a command to move, nothing happens.
Not sure if @stewart had any problems configuring klipper like I’m.
Once I have it figured out I will start printing parts to convert it into V2.5 , I already ordered the optical end-stops.

I’m traveling today, but will post my Klipper printer.cfg as soon as I return home.

Thank you,
comparing your cfg with mine will be a plus and i will for sure end up learning something, but don’t go out of your way, I’m also out of town for Father’s day weekend and won’t be back until monday night.

Happy Fathers day!

Here it is! I posted it to the Discord server and forgot to follow up here.

Sorry to hijack an old thread–

I’m wrapping up a build of my own and love your drag chain implementation. Would you be up for sharing files for the modified hotend fork and the extrusion mount at the other end of the chain? It’d save me some time messing around with CAD.


Sure thing, I just upload the files to thingverse also I added the Fusion 360 files if you need to modify it even more.

GridBot2 Dragchain Mod

Perfect - thanks!

Starting the wiring phase and a drag chain will be much cleaner than a big arc over top.

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