Feature request: minimum feed distance (max gcode rate)

Low priority. Just thinking.

The problem

  • sending a gcode to a machine controller takes finite time (e.g. ~2msec for G1 Xnn.nnnn Ynn.nnnn over a 115.2kbps serial link)
  • for a given feed rate, moving a very short distance takes very little time
  • the time to move a short distance can be less than the time to send the next gcode
  • in a sequence of many very short moves, a controller may not receive gcodes fast enough to keep acceleration planning ahead of the machine in motion
  • in that case, the controller must plan decelerating moves to stop at the last available endpoint
  • feed stops
  • for long sequences of many tiny moves, machine feed may stop and continue by alternating small bits of motion and delays for the time required to receive & process the long sequence of many gcodes
  • recurring sequences (e.g. by layer) can significantly increase the running time of an operation

Current code

KM already has a static threshold:

If I understand correctly, this will not emit g1 codes for very close points until it gets to a point which is far enough from the endpoint of the last emitted g1 code.


  • Make “far enough” a tunable parameter
  • For UI, an intuitively meaningful parameter could be
    • maximum rate of gcodes/second instead of minimum distance/move – compute “far enough” from (feed rate)/(gcode rate)
    • speed of link to machine controller (gcode consumer) – compute “far enough” from (feed rate)/((link speed/nominal size of a g1 code))
  • Always emit a g1 feed to the exact last point before a g0 move (i.e. before disengaging tool from work)
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The 3D printing code already does something like this because it’s a common problem there. One wrinkle in this is keeping straight lines straight. The danger is dropping close points around a curve going into a very long straight section. You never want to drop the point just before that long segment. This code doesn’t yet account for that case. But I can add it to the todo list so that parameterizing this can make sense.

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