Feature Request: flip 90 degrees

Is there a way to use the flip operation to also rotate only 90 degrees as well as 180?
I would like to try 4 sided carving using this method.
Im not sure, but I think this chain of operations could produce 4 sided carving:
rough - contour -flip - rough - contour -flip 90 - rough - contour - flip - rough - contour
(though I would do all the roughs, then all the contours; manually turning and positioning stock)
Thank you

This is planned as one of the extensions for 4th axis support. I hope to get that done by spring. It’s a little difficult to fit into the current flip scheme.

Thank you very much. Whenever you can get around to it, it will be welcomed.

I noticed that rotating a model that has tabs already attached, on the z axis takes the tabs with it.
Nice feature!
However when I rotated the object on the Y axis (tabs were attached in the Y axis already) the tabs were gone.

correct. unless you flip the part 180, there is no reasonable interpretation of how to keep the tabs. they are special features, not appendages to the object. if they were, then cuts would go around them instead of over them.

ok. I look forward to the update, hope it isnt too much trouble for you. Thanks!