Export file name

Hi Stewart,

within version 2.8 (and probably from some older versions but Iā€™m too lazy to test all of them :wink: ) the filename for an export is automatically computed with the 20 first characters of the STL file, then a dash and an iteration counter. As I use very long filenames I must for each new export reset it to the whole input filename.
Would it be possible to set in the preferences or the machine definition tab a file naming scheme using macros like for example {file}-{version} or {file:20}-{version} ? Anything between { and } will be macros, their list is to be defined : in my example I used {file} for the STL input filename without its extension and {version} for the iteration counter. By default the whole value of a marker will be used, the syntax :xxx could be used to reduce its length : {file} is the full filename, {file:20} is the filename truncated at 20 characters. All the characters outside {} will be constants to use as is in the filename generation.
The Gcode file extension, defined in the machine definition should be appended to the generated filename.


This makes total sense. I will add a preference to control this. Thanks for the suggestion.

I filed a ticket so we can track this. https://github.com/GridSpace/grid-apps/issues/148