Experimenting with a workflow to allow vee-carving

New guy here - so first off, amazing work with Kiri:Moto and thank you. I hope it turns into a very satisfying/lucrative or whatever you’re aiming for business model.

I’m trying to make a series of plaques using STLs generated from FreeCAD. The letters are too small to really mill out effectively, but I figure if I use a vee-bit to roughly follow the characters I’ll at least get something unique.

My idea was to do a roughing cut with a large cutter to save time, a finishing cut with a 1/4 end mill, and then use a 60-degree vee to (carve? contour? trace?) the letters.

I seem to be able to get the roughing and finishing cuts to work; any thoughts on making a vee-bit only go to certain pockets?

I tried using “Rough” for the large cutter, “Outline” for the 1/4 endmill, and “Contour” for the vee. I didn’t successfully set up a vee in tools, so I tried to use a 1/6 endmill to “trick” the system, figuring that if it went where it could in the letter pockets it would give a toolpath that at least would be interesting when followed by a V60 cutter.

But of course, that doesn’t work - contouring wants to go everywhere and it’s obviously the wrong tool for the job. Just looking for ideas, really.

Glad of any feedback!

Hi @SteveFossey and welcome!

There is a new feature in KM 2.4 called “trace” that is designed for this use case. Check out the Youtube video here and let me know if that might do the trick.

It’s a relatively new feature, so not as fully featured as it will be in future releases. If you have trouble and want to share your models, I’m more than happy to use them for debugging and improving the feature.

Unrelated, but a fun use of v-bits in this other video I posted yesterday.

Business model? What’s that? KM is a passion project born of my need to be as self-sufficient as possible with tools (and general frustration with closed / broken things).

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Satisfying it is then!

Thanks, I’ll have a look