Estimated cut time feature?

Can Kiri Moto display estimated cut times for the pieces that it figures out the CAM paths for?
It seems like they should be closely related. What I do now is load the G code in a program called G Sender and it displasy an estimated cut time. But if this was funtion inside Kiri Moto it would be very benificial when trying different settings to optimize the machining time. Thanks

The estimated time is reported in the export dialog

Good, I never noticed that there.
So I guess that you can hit export just to see the estimated machine time. And if its not what you like cancel the export and make changes to the settings and try again. It would be more convient if it was just displayed at the time off the model slicing. But I’m glad its available.

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Moving time estimation in the Preview mode would require a significant amount of re-coding. Some information isn’t available at that point in the pipeline. Having said that, it will likely change in the future for other reasons that will allow this more easily.

Sounds good. Thanks for all you do to this cool program.

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