Engraving text from .PNG

Hey folks,

I wanted to carve/engrave a simple text based on a .png that I made in Inkscape, but no matter how much I change the settings that pop up when importing the file (blur, inverse Alpha and Co.), the end result is very pixeled. I cut blur the pixels out, but then it’s almost not recognizable any more.
I tried normal text and text I changed to a vector file, I changed the parts preferences to excellent, I tried exporting only fill and only stroke, but always the same result. I would have expected clear cut lines in the letters?

Or is there a better way to have the tool either follow the stroke-vectors or clean out what is inside the stroke or fill? Either as a V-carve or simply projecting the letters to a certain depth and have Kiri then calculate the path as if it was a .stl made in Sketchup or so…?

Thanks for your help and have a lovely day.

Hi Martin. It’s hard to tell more without seeing the original image/png that was used. This text looks highly pixelated. If you want sharp boundaries, the contrast needs to be high. And higher resolution will produce better meshes. Most people importing images are doing so with landscaped and contoured regions, not line art. Honestly, if you want sharp features like that, it’s better to extrude an SVG or other vector into a 3D part directly.