Ease down not always working

Hi, I’ve used Kiri-Moto a lot over the last year or so, it’s getting better and better! I’ve noticed on quite a few generated g-code files though that although ‘Ease Down’ occurs reliably at the beginning of an operation, often in the middle of an operation, the endmill just plunges straight down.

Recently I’ve started using bigger diameter cutters and when they plunge straight down it puts a tremendous stress on the machine. How hard/complicated would it be to have the cutter spiral or ramp down every time it cuts newly into the surface?

Thank you again for all your very hard work!

ease-down is a work in progress. there are areas of the code where it’s not implemented. I have this slated for a refactor because the current code isn’t structured properly to make this easy.

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Thanks Stewart, any idea about a timeline for the refactor? Looking forward to it!

I had expected to start it early this year, but the new job has me tied up. Might be a few months.