Dual extrusion issues

I’ve set up a printer with two extruders. (marlin)
Left tool = T0
Right tool = T1
My starting scripts in the header include
M104 S{temp} T{tool}
M109 S{temp} T{tool}

(First one to set the temp, second to wait for stabilizing…may be a little redundant, but it works in Cura and S3D)

I select my model and assign T1 to it.
When I slice and open up the file in an editor, it heats up T0.
The temp is correct, the extruder assignment is incorrect.
Any ideas?

Perhaps Cura is repeating lines that contain {tool} in the header and footer. I will consider this change, as it makes sense. For the moment, I suggest hard-coding the header like this:

M104 S{temp} T0 ; set temp T0
M104 S{temp} T1 ; set temp T1
M109 S{temp} T0 ; wait for temp T0
M109 S{temp} T1 ; wait for temp T1

I went ahead and made this change for the D14 release this evening