Drill doesn't raise between operations

Same block as earlier. For some reason I can’t figure out what I changed - when the 1/4 end mill moves from the roughed pocket to the first hole to drill, it doesn’t lift up, and it ‘damages’ the block - it really is noticeable in CNCMotion. Why isn’t it lifing up? See picture below for tool path.

Obviously that would be a bug. Should be easy to fix. It’s raising up quite high. Are you using inches instead of millimeters? I’ve found a few conversion bugs and this could be one, too.

@KingHighMartin do you mind emailing me this STL and the output of Profile->Export under the top right person/gear menu? It will produce a .b64 file that I can duplicate your settings from. My email is sa@grid.space


I just sent the stl file by email. Let me know. Thanks!


I figured out how to replicate this if you switch units to inches. This causes the default “tolerance” setting to become very large (since it’s in inches) and as a result, the interference is missed. For now, you will have to change “tolerance” to something like “0.01” or “0.005” when using imperial. In the 2.3.x branch, I will be redoing the collision code to use an entirely new (and better) strategy that is not susceptible to this kind of error.

The fast-moving code in the development channel should fix all of these bugs: new path routing, collision detection, and workspace unit handling. New features for slot detection coming soon.