Details on the Outline

I tried to process this part. But somehow I was not able to generate reasonable milling paths. The “rough” workhorse did strange things with a detail on the outline. Any advice, which combination of operations should work?

Cylinder_Base.kmz (401.6 KB)

those dashed lines on the outside of the circle should not be there. I know what’s causing them (low poly offsetting artifact) and will look at how to clean them up in the roughing op. it’s present in earlier versions of KM, too.

if I can find a clean solution, it’ll be fixed in tonight’s release.

here is a workspace that attempts to use tracing and outlining to workaround this problem.

cylinder-alt.kmz (477.0 KB)

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usually it’s just finding the right test case to expose a flaw. I have fixed this in roughing for tonight’s release.

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I’ll test it tomorrow. Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:

I know what’s causing them (low poly offsetting artifact)

How about increasing the resolution? Would that help too?

it may help. but the threshold in the code was too low (0) which means artifacts are almost guaranteed on a circle :expressionless:

I usually push new code around midnight GMT. this will be fixed then.

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