Density and speeds

I am setting up a printer and running into some a few unexpecteds.

I can’t seem to change the density of the infil in KM. I have used 0.1 to 0.5 on a benchy model and it won’t visibly change the pattern size in the KM slicer.

Also when I print this model the infil seems to be much smaller than what KM is showing.

Pictures and workspace attached.

density problem.kmz (3.8 MB)

In maybe a related problem - I don’t think I am controlling the speed of my printer very well through KM. @stewart had mentioned that in a previous post. Can KM override the firmware speeds when it is set differently in the profile?

OK I have got Kirimoto able to change the infil when slicing now - I suppose I was not hitting enter or somehow not saving the setting.

I think I am having having issues with my printers firmware settings interracting with KM profile settings. Sorry for the alarm!

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