Dampening printer vibrations?


I was wondering if anyone have a really well working solution for dampening printer vibrations?
I’ve tried different printable feet with mixed results, I’ve put it on semi-hard foam and a concrete slab and a lot more. This is the latest test, and while it works quite well, I’m not there yet. (obligatory, please excuse the mess).

Edit: I’m talking about the noise, that’s the problem. It vibrates the table and then floor/walls.

I made some testing with stealthchop enabled and disabled, if you accept lower feedrate (in my case ~150mm / s), you can have much lower noise with stealthchop=99999 in your klipper config for each stepper. Assuming you are using tmc drivers.


Thanks! I’ll check that out and yes TMC2208s.
The noise from the printer(and motors) itself isn’t that bad at all tbh. It’s the vibrations transfering to the table that’s the main problem.

Noise reduction involves a mass-spring-mass assembly (I hope it’s the correct term). Basically, you could try to attach firmly (screw) the printer to a heavy pavement, put this pavement on top of acoustic foam, and put the whole thing on a very strong table. The table could even be attached to the walls :slight_smile:

Oh, I missed your reply!

Now that you mention it I realize that I probably didn’t fasten the printer frame well enough. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile: