Cutting Operation Out of Order


I have 4 trace operations which are taking place out of order. The operation order listed at the bottom of the screen looks correct. However preview, animation, and raw gcode is a completely different order.

The gcode also has a gazillion tool changes when I only have two tools.

The planing trace also appears to be offset towards +x and +y

But one problem at a time - how to order cutting operations?

This affects both v3.0 and v3.9

If you’re able to lift the upload restriction on my account I can upload the workspace.

SunnyFrame.kmz (446.1 KB)

Click and drag tools into order you want. Looks like it would be nice to be able to name each tool path as it is confusion to have a bunch of the same tool in order.

The trace paths down the bottom are already in the correct order. But if you go to preview or animate the operation. You’ll see it starts with a very deep cut using a 1/8" endmill. Then it will will switch to a 1" planer, make a random hole and then switch back to the 1/8" endmill. Once again switch back to 1" planer to make another random hole. Then back to 1/8" and on the next switch to the planer tool it finally completes what appears to be the trace in slot #1. By that stage the only thing left is the final outline trace.

The model is just a bunch of lines and not a solid model - what are you trying to make? If you are making a frame from solid block it seems you need to start with solid model and mill stock to correct thickness then rough out shape.