Cutting a puzzle on Glowforge (keeping cuts together)

A student designed a puzzle of the United States, and I was hoping to cut it on our Glowforge using Kiri:Moto to export from Onshape.

But when I go to slice it - it spreads the pieces out instead of keeping them together like they are in the .stl.
Do you have any suggestions for how I can slice to .SVG and keep all the parts in place? Thank you!

(america - Google Drive)

Was it sliced in KM? It’s not a properly manifold mesh because of the shared edges between the states. When I slice it, I get various incorrect results. Perhaps when sliced in Onshape, it’s using a higher res mesh than the STL export.

I would have to add an option to suppress the “layout” for single layer laser jobs. It’s not currently supported since the laser kerf would cause adjacent pieces to be undersized.

Hi Stewart!
Thanks so much for your response! Yes, I am slicing it in Onshape, which is unusual because half the time I get a loading part error (the refresh screen error- where refreshing the screen literally never helps) and have to download the file and upload it to the grid space version to get the part to load. This problem seems more likely in the Onshape app. It used to happen in the grid space one to, but seems to do that less now. Cache clearing sometimes helps?
I would love a suppress layout feature for single layer cuts. I am less concerned with some parts being smaller than they should in this instance.
Many happy returns to you and yours, and thank you for all the help. We have been using Kiri:Moto exclusively as our slicer at our school for years now, and because of it I was able to transition to a Chromebook myself this year, something that I never thought would be possible with all the software I use.
My students are learning to design, model, and print independently, and it is fantastic to watch them gain skills!

For this particular model, if each state is a separate extrusion/body, I would recommend shrinking them so that their edges are separated by a sub-millimeter value. If they were all extruded at once, you could apply a very small draft. Then the laser slice height could be chosen to get the spacing you wanted.

Okay - I tested this out - applying a transformation to the states so that they are ever so much smaller. I changed the layer height to .2 of a millimeter and sliced - I tried it with both single layer checked, and with it unchecked. No luck - the individual states are still spread out.
Any other suggestions?
Thank you for your time!
Kathryn Harmon