Contouring cuts through the part

Me again, with my silly little ‘U’-shaped piece.

I first saw this fault during my carve, and I assumed that the cellular PVC I’m using as test material had chipped. So I was surprised earlier today when I spotted the exact same flaw in the animation!

First picture shows the “notch” on the part itself, the second shows it in the animation, and the third shows the preview.


In the preview, it looks to me like it’s probably the rapid move from the bottom end of the second contour from the left (sorry – should have added a special arrow) that does the deed. I also wonder: why are some of the contour cut lines (green arrows) not black?

If you still have the profile/workspace I emailed you this morning (“Subject: profile export for uncleared stock issue”), you should be able to reproduce with that. I can send again if needed.

(And btw, if I haven’t thanked you again, recently, for your amazing work on this program, then I’m an idiot. Thank you!!)


Hi Paul. Yes, I have the file and see the same thing with your settings. Disable curves only and this artifact goes away. I see what it’s doing and it’s wrong, obviously. I’ll need to look at the code a bit more to understand this, since it’s not what I would have expected.

I’m not sure if I want to spend a lot of time on this now because I plan to entirely refactor route planning in 2.5, and that should eliminate all such bugs (if successful).

On the colors, those cuts are slowed down because it’s interpolating max XY feed rate and max Z feed rate on non-planar cuts. It does look like some are different also in unexpected ways. Will require digging.

You are quite welcome!

Excellent – thanks for the workaround. I’m not sure why I set “curves only” in the first place.

Oh, how many of us have said that, so many times… though I confess I’ve often forgotten to add the qualifier! :wink:


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Oh! Un-checking “curves only” also eliminates those vertical hops over the top of my part that I mentioned earlier today. Guess it should have been obvious that the reason KM was lifting the cutting head would have been because of a flat area.

bonus! that feature exists for large parts with a few curved areas in which full contouring would waste enormous amounts of time