Contour sporadic moves to Z Clearance

I observed the following sporadic movements to Z Clearance in a Contour Y operation:

Any ideas what is causing this?

That is a good question. Did you set the clearance height to make that more noticeable? Can you right-click export your workspace and send the .kmz to me for analysis?

Any update on this? I am having Contour issues, where the contour is cutting down through the sides, and I am not sure why it is doing so.

The things highlighted in red should not be present within the contour.

to help me debug, please provide a .kmz workspace

I have the .kmz file ready, but gridspace said I aas not able to upload any attachments. I was trying to find a means of messaging you, but had no luck. So how do I get the .kmz file to you?

please email to [ sa at grid dot space ]

this was caused by “precision” in your workspace contour ops set to 0.1 instead of a much lower value. large values like that create artifacts at hard transitions. you can let KM compute the value from the animation setting by using 0 and increasing the animation resolution.

Thank you Stewart, you are amazing, that was the fix. :slight_smile:

Kiri continues to impress me and its abilities…just learning its ins and outs is the key.

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