Contour pass cutting thru waste area instead of rising up

I found that on the contour pass the bit does not consistently lift up to clear the area to be cut out. It does most of the time but not always causing the contour bit to plow through the entire thickness of the waste area. you can clearly see it in the photos. I know you want the File saved from my machine but I’m at work now. I’ll send it soon, any ideas why this happens?

I fixed a related bug recently in 3.4. So perhaps you’re on 3.3 and the update isn’t in there or this is a different case. I’ll need your workspace export .kmz file to verify.


I tried to upload the KMX file but the editor said it was to big. Is there another way to do it? I am using version3.3.2

I just updated to 3.4 beta and ran the operations again without changing any settings and it looks like the issue is cleared up. Inpreview mode I do not see the striaght line cuts

right throught the waste area.

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