Contour operation clipping top of sphere

The tool path clips the upper part of the sphere when using the contour operation on any hemispherical surface. At a certain tangent angle on the curve, the tool path assumes it’s a flat surface.
I am using the contour operation with a ball nose bit, but I have seen the same results with a flat end mill.

Is there a way to ensure the tool path continues to follow the curve?
I can only assume the top of the curve is clipped as an artefact of the mesh density/tolerance and the peak of the curve.

Another artefact I have noticed is the start and end points in the Z direction are uniform on the right side but staggered on the left, why is this?

In the images below I have selected the “curve only” option to show the tool retract at the top of the curve.

Start and end points are staggered

hi @jackjameshoward welcome and thanks for the report. have you tried disabling curves only and inside only in the contour op? I’ll try to repro with my own model unless you can share your workspace – email to [ sa at grid dot space ]

Hi Stewart,
Thank you for the welcome. I have sent the workspace as suggested.
I had tried it with curves only enabled and disabled.
Interestingly disabling curves only removed the staggered ends (this makes a little sense considering the max angle option)

I have a fix for this which I will push out with a point release in a few hours

Thanks, I’ve seen the update.
I am having trouble running the docker file on windows, so I can’t test it, unfortunately.

I always get a Cannot Get error when connecting to the port, I’ve tried a few different ports so I know there are no conflicts.
It looks to me like the app-server is not serving any apps.
I get the app-server running log message, but nothing else initialises, there are no further logging messages.
I have seen the advice for Windows developers, I wasn’t sure if this applied for use with Docker, but I ran cmd as admin anyway.

Do you know any post on the forum that might help me get the Docker image up and running?

You can run the latest version by switching versions in your browser using Grid.Space Chooser

I have only ever run the Docker files on Mac and Linux. It was contributed to the project. I’m not a Docker user. Sorry I can’t help more with that.

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Perfect, I didn’t spot that, thank you.

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