Contour Feature Help

Anyone have issues with the contour feature with inside part and curves only selected? Im trying to route the curves on the inner section of this part but Kiri keeps rounding off the inside edges that are 90degres. Here are a couple pics with the settings.

Here’s what im trying to prevent

this is caused by two things

  1. max angle is usually around 80-85 (dominant cause)
  2. default precision 0 tracks with render quality under preferences. increase render to 4000 after increasing max angle

if there is a reason you are using 45 as a max angle, let’s discuss. that’s causing an error in the interpretation of the 90 degree drop-off and may be exacerbated by the model rasterization for contouring. there are other ways (ops) to attack this part.

There’s no main reason, it was just the default. I changed it to 85 with no change in part quality.

Where do I change the render setting at?

setup → prefs menu. if you don’t mind right-click exporting the workspace and sending the .kmz file to me, I can debug. [ sa at grid dot space ]

This is what im showing in preferences.

try setting animate to 4000

i did that as well but it didnt work.

just sent you the kmz file

got it. thanks. this looks like a bug. I’ll have to dig into the cause