Contour axes reversed?

I selected X pass contour but what I ended up with were passes along the Y axis. I interpreted X pass as passes along the X axis but maybe that isn’t what was intended.

it’s all relative, I suppose. does contour x mean it cuts along X or progresses (left-to-right) along X? happy to switch this if it’s material.

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Ah, that makes sense – short moves vs. long moves.

Clearly not a big issue, it just worked opposite of what I expected. At this point I would say wait for other opinions. If I’m the only one that thinks the way I do (not unheard of!) then leave it as is.

Otherwise just reword the description on the checkboxes. Something like changing “Enable X pass” to “Enable cuts parallel to Y” and vice versa.

swapped labels for tonight’s D9 release

Thanks, looks good!

There is one small “tell” regarding the change: the progress bar still says something like “render Y” when enable X pass is chosen, but that is a non-issue for me.

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