Constant retractions

I run three printers on KM and only have this problem on one.

While printing a surface on the same layer KM will have a retraction every time the nozzle hits the perimiter to turn around and go back the other direction. What possible settings do I need to look at? It is not changing layer height it is just retracting hundreds of times on the same layer every time it gets to the perimiter.
Wrench holder (1).gcode (1.4 MB)

can you send the .kmz from a workspace export? then I can look at the model and the settings. thanks

It was a students design using a global settings file that I give to them. So I don’t have the workspace with their part in there. I will continue to troubleshoot though and find a model that will produce the rapid retractions.

Here is an example.

On layer 6 there are a ton of retract / engage. Very handy tool after slicing you can see the retract / engage points.

I changed the infill shell overlap from .3 to .1 - this got rid of many of them but an still uncertain as to why a few still seem to exist.

the printer has a .8 nozzle and my other .5 nozzle printers don’t do this as much so maybe that has something to do with it?
retracts and engages on same layer.kmz (380.4 KB)

yep, this is an artifact of the way infill is routed. the algorithm changed a while back. I thought there was an override / selector to change the behavior, but I don’t see it. will take a deeper look b/c this should be solvable.